This blog was due in the 7th week of the outreachy internship period but due to prior engagement, its coming in this late. Like they say, better late than never :). During the Outreachy application phase, I came up with a timeline to guide me during the Outreachy internship period.
It is but normal that things don't always go as we plan them. Most times we could be lagging behind due to one or more bugs which we didn't foresee when drafting the timeline or better still we could be way ahead of the timeline because we allocated more time to some things we thought would be time consuming. In this light its time for me to review and modify my timeline.
As regards to my timeline, I am supposed to be carrying out migration of users from the mailing list to the discourse forum now. As at now I haven't still been given a deployment environment. While I am still waiting for the community guys in charge of creating me a space on their instance, I have been working on my free tier …


Hey Guys, it's the 5th week of my Outreachy internship. Wow how time flies. This week I will be talking to you about my project. I am interning at Mifos Initiative on the project "SETUP DISCOURSE FORUM AND MIGRATE USERS AND CONTENT FROM MAILING LIST".

Mifos Initiative is a US based non-profit initiative who's mission is to speed the elimination of poverty by coordinating a global community that builds, supports and uses Mifos X, a free and open source platform that enables financial service providers to more effectively and efficiently deliver responsible financial services to the world's 2 billion poor and unbanked. This community is made up of developers who work on the Mifos X application as well as the Users who make use of the application. What a large community right...
The Mailing list is the primary way of communication in the Mifos community.  There is a non-technical List (Mifos Users Mailing list) for the users of Mifos to ask questions related to how t…


Interning at Outreachy has been interesting as well as frustrating. The experience of working with a mentor in a large community with urge delicate data, code-base and reporting tasks on a daily and weekly basis has been overwhelming.But as we know in every task there is some form of setback or struggle which at times could be frustrating.
My main setback so far has involved working on the cloud. I am a complete newbie to cloud computing and the fact that my entire project hovers around the cloud is quite frustrating. I had to create an aws account, setup and launch an EC2 instance and then do a prototype of my project on it. I did some research on google and then started the work. I faced a lot of issues with the payment details on the aws free trial account creation. I reached out to my mentor after some days and she helped me out. At first I was hesitant to ask for help from my mentor thinking she was going to be very busy to aid me in such a trivial problem but to my greatest dis…


The words of Colin O'Bradyare enough to dismiss the thoughts of not being good enough to make some certain achievements in life. These words gave me a push towards applying for Outreachy. What do I mean by that ???
Lets find out :)

How It Started....I come from a community where we are encouraged by Seniors to get into Programming and Open Source right from our first year at the university. It was in one of these talks and community events I first heard about Outreachy. At first, I wasn't really interested in it because I thought being a Telecommunication engineer needed no coding. This idea changed when I asked my mentor (Awasum Yannick at Skylabase) during internship if we are required to know how to codes and he responded "Everyone should know how to write codes".  It was then I decided to start learning how to code, so I became active in the programming communities that existed. In my third year at the university I thought of applying for Outreachy but I was too sc…